Best Places to Drink Outdoors This Summer

The Strand Smokehouse – For those days when you’d like to spend the afternoon, evening and night in one place eating and drinking, The Strand is your best bet. They have an excellent brunch and delicious BBQ, as well as reasonable prices on beer pitchers and cocktails. Claim a picnic table out front or in a corner inside and enjoy live music with Astorians of all ages around you.

The Bonnie – If want an outdoor experience that’s a little more sophisticated, this is your place. Order an expertly-crafted cocktail and a farm-fresh dish and enjoy it in leisurely fashion in their spacious backyard.

Judy & Punch – For those nights you are craving local craft beers that pack a punch, this is your place. Stake out a picnic table in their backyard (open till 10, after which you’ll have to migrate inside) and see how many of their 12 drafts you can get through while holding on to your beer guru skills. For an additional challenge, head to Astoria Bier & Cheese on Broadway and do the same in their backyard.

Sek’end Sun – Amazing (and affordable) cocktails and a glowing neon sign of Queens as your drinking backdrop. What more could you need on your Saturday night? Schlepping to Brooklyn for your hipster experience is no longer necessary.

“Monday Without Mirrors” at Blink Fitness

From Blink Fitness:

What if you walked into the gym today and the mirrors were covered up? Would you be upset? Excited? Would you focus more on how your workout made you feel versus how it made you look in the mirror? Today, Blink Fitness is doing just that in all of its Queens locations! As you may have heard, the premium-quality, value-based gym last week launched “Monday Without Mirrors” – a month-long program in which key mirrors in clubs will be covered to challenge members to think about how exercise makes them feel, not just how it makes them look.

The “Monday Without Mirrors” initiative is part of Blink’s ongoing support for their “Every Body Happy” campaign, which launched earlier this year. The campaign featured people of all shapes and sizes exuding confidence and happiness from exercise. As swimsuit season comes into full swing, this message is more important than ever to help people think about fitness differently, and kick off summer with a healthy mindset! Not all mirrors are covered, so members still have a choice to workout with or without a mirror.

“Monday Without Mirrors” will be taking place at various Blink Fitness locations every Monday, and continuing to raise awareness this week in all Long Island and Queens locations.
Monday, June 6th: All Manhattan locations (including Harlem)
Monday, June 13th: Long Island/Queens locations
Monday, June 20th: New Jersey locations
Monday, June 27th: Westchester/Bronx/Brooklyn locations

You can read the full press release here.

BlinkMoodMirrors-1846-w BlinkMoodMirrors-1815-w

Ticket giveaway

First person to fill out the contact form on our website, or write to us at, will get two tickets to the show What Are You Afraid Of? hosted by Mara Wilson at Q.E.D. on Thursday, May 26, at 7:30pm. More info about the event on our Happening page.


Last minute special BOAST offer!

TWO FREE TICKETS TO RELATIONSH*T AT QED: A Place to Show & Tell TONIGHT 5/13, at 9:30pm!

First person to contact us through our Contact form on the website gets them!


Full_1454113291_Artist_143-w Here is more info about the show:

WHO: Hosts Lynn Bixenspan and Morgan Pielli
Corinne Fisher (Guys We F*cked)
Amy Miller (Last Comic Standing)
Tim Manley (GIRLS)
Marc Gerber (Comic Strip)
Wilson McDermut (Broadway Comedy Club)

WHAT: Celebrating its 2-year anniversary, RELATIONSH*T, hosted by Lynn Bixenspan and Morgan Pielli, features a mix of stories about all kinds of relationships and good old-fashioned new-fangled advice from REAL-LIVE THERAPISTS ONSTAGE. Be a voyeur into one person’s therapy session!

“The most cathartic comedy show around.” – The Huffington Post

WHEN: Friday, May 13th at 9:30pm

WHERE: Q.E.D.: A Place for Show and Tell – 27-16 23rd Avenue. Astoria, NY

Check out other events on the QED website here.

An Afternoon at Break

On the first day of May, a drizzly one in Astoria, we went to Break Bar and Billiards to watch Game 1 of the Blazers vs. Warriors NBA Playoffs series. Break has 16 HD televisions, and from the table we were sitting at, we were able to watch the game on three screens. We tried two beers, and could have had many more as there are 18 on tap. We also shared the nachos, which was a huge plate of chips under many dips and melted cheese. We added chicken, and it was quite tasty.

Break is certainly a fun place to watch the game, grab a drink, and eat some bar food. But it seems the main thing that makes Break stand apart from other sports bars is its numerous games. There are two ping-pong tables, darts, pop-a-shot hoop, foosball, old arcades, shuffle board, many board games, and about half the space filled with pool tables (probably close to 15). We played a couple games of pool, Connect Four, and shuffle board. The basketball game turned out to be a blowout (can anyone stop the Warriors this year?), so it was great to have all the games to keep us entertained and having fun.

Break Bar & Billiards, 32-04 Broadway, Astoria, (718) 777-5400

Best Italian Restaurant in Astoria

We went to Trattoria L’Incontro for the first time last weekend, and there’s a reason it’s BOAST’s number one Italian Restaurant—it’s really really good. Before we get into the meal, we should mention that the service was superb. Our waiter knew the menu inside and out, and was able to tell us specials depending on what type of food we were most interested in. It may have been nice to see a list of all the specials, but we have a feeling it would have been longer than the actual menu, so it was fine to hear the abbreviated version. He did not write down our order and also got it right, which was impressive, and best of all, he was friendly, attentive, and came by with a smile.

Now, on to the food, which was by far the best Italian we’ve had in Astoria. We started with the Burrata (soft and fresh, wrapped in prosciutto) and Insalata D’Arugula (arugula with sliced pears, walnuts, gorgonzola cheese in raspberry balsamic vinaigrette), and both were delicious. Tasty, but not too filling, and nice to have some greens since our entrees did not include any. They even split each dish for us—a mark of very high quality service.

We had two main courses which were both specials: pasta with lobster and broccoli rabe in cherry tomato sauce finished with mint, and braised short rib over polenta. The pasta was perfectly al dente and the sauce had a nice flavor. Likewise, the polenta dish was flavorful and both the meat and polenta were cooked to perfection. Our only regret was leaving over the smallest bit (we were stuffed!). We had a decaf cappuccino after dinner, and even that tasted great. From start to finish, this meal was terrific, and we highly recommend going. Be advised that you should make a reservation, and the entrees are $20-40. Certainly a great place for a special occasion.

Here are pictures on Yelp.

21-76 31st St.
(718) 721-3532

A la carte menu coming to Kurry Qulture

Kurry Qulture, an Indian restaurant that opened a few months ago, and also a BOAST winner for Best New Restaurant, is launching an A La Carte menu for Spring/Summer starting on Sunday, March 20. Here’s the info from the press release:

“Spring in India is the queen of all seasons,” said Sonny Solomon, Owner of Kurry Qulture, “It’s when the colors of the harvest festivals and warmer weather bring people together before the monsoons arrive. Street food and snacks become popular as we reconnect with friends and family.”

The a la carte Spring/Summer Menu gives diners the option to catch up over dinner or small plates. Al fresco dining will be available in the KQ backyard on warmer evenings.

Chef Hemant Mathur will feature authentic Indian spring/summer flavors including new vegetarian, seafood and meat dishes. A selection of biryanis will be added as a nod to India’s principal crop, rice.

Popular Indian street cart options will also be seen including Pav Bhaji, a flavorful blend of vegetables in a tomato gravy served with buttered bread rolls, and a Mung Sprout and Peanut Chaat, a quick bite packed with nutrients and protein traditionally served warm in cones made of recycled newspaper.

Diner favorites, such as Rogan Josh, Manchurian Cauliflower, Sweet and Sour Eggplant, and Lamb Chops will remain on the menu.

Kurry Qulture’s eclectic beer and wine list includes the crisp and flavorful 1947 Premium Lager, brewed with carefully selected ingredients to complement Indian cuisine. The crafted cocktails read like an ode to Astoria, with drinks such as Astoria of My Life and Thirstiest Avenue.

“We’re excited to throw our doors wide open and meet new neighbors,” said Sonny.

Reservations are being accepted by contacting Kurry Qulture at 718.674.1212

Kurry Qulture
36-05 30th Avenue, Astoria, NY 11103

Editors’ Picks: Our Favorite Astoria Spots

You can look through this site to find out readers’ picks for Astoria’s Best, and here are our Editors’ picks for our favorite Astoria spots. The best of the best, if you will.

Astoria Bier & Cheese: Simply the best craft beer in town. Who knew excellent beer went so well with great cheese?

Astoria Park: Want to play tennis? Shoot some hoops? Run around the track? Go swimming? Play soccer or Ultimate? Take a leisurely walk? Enjoy the view of the city from a bench? Or just relax on the lawn? Astoria Park has you covered.

Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden: Is there a better place to be on a warm summer afternoon than in this garden? If there is, we’d like to know! There’s a reason this is the primary reason people who don’t live in the area come to Astoria.

Gastroteca: Consistently great brunch, with many delicious options. The egg dishes are standouts, and if you want something sweet, the Belgian waffle with bananas, caramel sauce, and whipped cream is as good as it sounds.

Martha’s Country Bakery: By far the best desserts in Astoria. We can’t recommend the warm Mississippi Mud Pie enough. Also very good warm beverages.

Milkflower: Best pizza pie in Astoria, and our highest recommendation is the Van Dammer. The egg on top really gives it something extra.

Pye Boat Noodle: Flavors taste a little better here than at other Thai restaurants in Astoria, most of which are very good.

Q.E.D.: So much cool stuff happens at Q.E.D. that it seems like any day of the week you could find something that would be fun or interesting.

The Queens Kickshaw: Just a great place to relax, read a book, have a conversation with some friends, and drink excellent coffee and craft beer. The food is also very good, although some can be pricey.

Sac’s Place: Best slice in town. Our favorites are the Mama’s (margarita) and the Sicilian, which is out of this world.

Watawa Sushi: Not just the best Japanese food in Astoria, but also the best we’ve had in NYC. Exquisitely prepared, and everything tastes fresh.