Month: May 2019

Top 10: Restaurants

Astoria has no shortage of great places to eat. Here’s our list of Top 10 restaurants: 10. Aliada 9. Trattoria Ora 8. Jujube Tree 7. Zenon Taverna 6. Taverna Kyclades 5. The Bonnie 4. Pye Boat Noodle 3. Milkflower 2. Watawa Sushi 1. Trattoria L’Incontro

Top 10: Bars

There are some great bars in Astoria. Here’s our Top 10! 10. Halsey’s Tavern 9. Astoria Bier & Cheese 8. Sweet Afton 7. Cronin & Phelan’s 6. Oliver’s Astoria 5. The Bonnie 4. Sunswick 35/35 3. The Ditty 2. The Astorian 1. Sek’end Sun

An Interview with Comedian Ted Alexandro

I recently had the opportunity to interview Astoria resident, Ted Alexandro. Ted has been active in the comedy scene for 15 years. He started out as a music teacher in Boston and has used that experience throughout his career. He talks about teaching, his family and many other anecdotes in his new podcast, A Little… Read more »

Top 10: Things To Do

Here is our list of Top 10 things to do in Astoria! 10. Museum of the Moving Image 9. Ride the ferry to or from the Astoria stop 8. Take in a show at Q.E.D. 7. Games and pool at Break Bar & Billiards 6. Storytelling show at Astoria Bookshop 5. The Noguchi Museum 4…. Read more »

Musical review: Caroline, or Change

Caroline, or Change, which takes place in 1963 but was first performed 15 years ago, has arguably more social relevance today than ever before. Written by Tony Kushner, best known for the play Angels in America, he explores the issues of societal, class, race and religious inequalities that had boiled over in the 60’s and are… Read more »

Top 10: Desserts

We’re introducing a new feature called Top 10. Here, we give our Top 10 places in Astoria to get dessert! Have feedback? Let us know in the comments. 10. Sanfords Restaurant 9. Victory Sweet Shop 8. Rose & Joe’s Italian Bakery 7. Parisi Bakery 6. Il Fornaio Bakery Cafe 5. Comfortland 4. Chip 3. Bonjour… Read more »