The Bonnie
Taverna Kyclades
Burger Village
Bel Aire Diner

These are the winners for the best restaurants, bakeries, street carts, and diners. Bon appétit!
(Please note that the winners in LIC are listed alphabetically.)

Best Outdoor Dining


1st The Bonnie

29-12 23rd Ave, (718) 274-2105,

Survey says: “The best setup from day one, making me feel safe. My friends from the city would come and say it’s the best setup they’ve seen also. I also love their food and drinks!”

2nd The Bier & Cheese Collective

35-11 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 255-6982,

Survey says: “They have a beautiful backyard patio full of flowers and plants.”

3rd Sweet Afton

30-09 34th St, (718) 777-2570,

Survey says: “Heaters! Covered space! Great staff!”


Centro Pizza Bar & Italian Kitchen

47-23 Vernon Blvd, (718) 361-1965,

Google says: “New York-style pies & traditional pastas served in simple, polished surrounds with outdoor seating.”

Il Falco

21-50 44th Dr, (718) 707-0009,

Google says: “High-end place offering classic Italian dishes & pastas (with gluten-free choices), plus a patio.”

Jackson’s Eatery | Bar

10-37 Jackson Ave, (347) 649-1721,

No heaters, but there are plenty of picnic tables and two-seat tables outside, so it’s really nice in the warmer months. It also feels very much like a neighborhood haunt, and it’s usually busy for brunch with some people bringing their dogs and babies.

Top Quality

10-29 44th Rd, (718) 786-8271,

The outdoor patio area is super nice, with a very high covering. There are also heaters that did a good job of keeping us warm when it was cold outside.

Best American Restaurant


1st Burger Village

40-17 Broadway, (929) 296-9700,

Survey says: “Wonderful atmosphere and great food.”

2nd Cronin & Phelan’s

38-14 Broadway, (718) 545-8999,

Google says: “Comfy hangout offering classic Irish fare, burgers and beers, with sports on TV and karaoke nights.”

3rd Queen’s Room

36-02 Ditmars Blvd, (347) 987-3994,

Google says: “I sat outside with my dog and they even offered and brought a water bowl for him. I had a veggie burger and it was good!”

3rd Sugar Freak

37-11 30th Ave, (718) 606-1900,

Google says: “Friendly Staff with awesome service, great drinks, delicious food, big portions!”


The Baroness

47-18 Vernon Blvd, (718) 255-1336,

Google says: “Tasty food and a respectable selection of craft beers. The Lola burger should be put on your short list to try.”


47-25 Vernon Blvd, (718) 392-3257,

Google says: “Crisply designed space for seasonal New American dishes with Mediterranean accents & cocktails.”

Best Bagels


1st Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

36-14 30th Ave, (718) 777-1121; 35-05 Broadway, (718) 204-0141; 35-09 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 932-8280,

Survey says: “Brooklyn bagels offers huge and flavorful bagels in a number of varieties and more cream cheese than even to choose from. They’re great to get samples from!”
Survey says: “Their best bagel sandwich is the Hell Gate!”

2nd New York City Bagel & Coffee House

33-10 30th Ave, (718) 728-9512; 40-05 Broadway, (718) 728-9511; 29-10 Broadway, (718) 777-0324; 29-08 23rd Ave, (718) 728-9500,

Survey says: “This local coffee maven keeps upping their games with a breadth of breakfast options (including omelettes, quiches, and oatmeal) and fun and interesting drink combinations!”


Bricktown Bagel & Cafe

51-06 Vernon Blvd, (718) 361-2428,

Google says: “Bagels, wraps and salads are served at this casual cafe with exposed–brick walls & mismatched mirrors.”

Pumpernickel Bagel and Delicatessen

23-10 44th Dr, (718) 361-9422,

Google says: “Contemporary counter-service deli serving bagels, paninis, wraps and more for dine-in or delivery.”

We Bagel

47-11 11th St, (718) 255-1992,

Google says: “Delicious Bagels. One of the best Everything’s I’ve ever had. And they have black and white cookies!”

Best Bakery


1st Parisi Bakery

30-17 Broadway, (718) 728-5282,

Survey says: “Always fresh! My go-to place for bread and sweets.”

2nd Martha’s Country Bakery

36-21 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 545-9737,

Our favorite dessert is the warmed-up Mississippi Mud Pie (with whipped cream), but their other cakes and buns are excellent as well. And don’t forget to try the sweet and delicious hot chocolate.

3rd Queens Bake House

33-04 Broadway, (718) 433-9585,

Survey says: “From everyday desserts to holidays, this place is IT.”


Black Star Bakery & Cafe

2-10 50th Ave, (718) 433-9189,

There is a huge selection of fresh pastries and all the ones we’ve tried have been delicous.


5-11 47th Ave, (718) 937-8500,

Google says: “This contemporary French bakeshop offers classic breads, pastries & quiche, plus espresso drinks.”

Best Brunch


1st The Bonnie

29-12 23rd Ave, (718) 274-2105,

Google says: “Great drinks, friendly service, outdoor seating, and very high quality food.”

2nd Astoria Provisions

12-23 Astoria Blvd, (917) 396-4002,

Google says: “Delicious food. Great service. Pick a good book at Astoria public library and enjoy a yummy brunch at Astoria provisions next door.”

3rd Mom’s Kitchen & Bar

33-01 31st Ave, (718) 267-0142,

Google says: “I really enjoyed the fun dishes Mom’s Kitchen and Bar has to offer for brunch. The food is almost impossible to finish because of the generous portions, but be prepared to have a cheat day if you’re planning on eating here.”

3rd The Shady Lady

34-19 30th Ave, (718) 440-9081,

Survey says: “Love that meals come with a free drink; lots of great options.”


The Baroness

47-18 Vernon Blvd, (718) 255-1336,

Google says: “Awesome atmosphere, burger selection, beer selection, music and staff!”

Jackson’s Eatery | Bar

10-37 Jackson Ave, (347) 649-1721,

The brunch here is terrific. Some standout items include the Avocado & Burrata Toast with sunny side egg and the Three-Berry Compote Pancakes with Haitian vanilla whipped cream.

Sweet Chick

46-42 Vernon Blvd, (718) 433-4064,

Google says: “Excellent in every way… food, drinks, service, decor, and ambiance.”

Top Quality

10-29 44th Rd, (718) 786-8271,

Google says: “I really liked the fried cheese that was on the Breakfast Sandwich and Tacos.”

Best Budget Dining


1st King of Falafel & Shawarma

30-15 Broadway, (718) 626-3838; 33-01 30th Ave, (718) 838-4413; 30-16 Ditmars Blvd, (917) 912-7870,

Survey says: “Where else can you get a filling container with enough food for two people? Even four falafels for two bucks is a filling cheap snack.”

2nd Cronin & Phelan’s

38-14 Broadway, (718) 545-8999,

Survey says: “Huge portions.”


The Baroness

47-18 Vernon Blvd, (718) 255-1336,

Google says: “Wines and charcuterie at this bar with a comfy retro vibe.”

Chinelos Tacos Nyc

4-09 Center Blvd, (917) 819-9066,

Google says: “Walked right up and ordered birria tacos we had heard so many good things about and it didn’t disappoint. Absolutely delicious right by the park and other food trucks. The pricing was great as well!”

Best Burger


1st Burger Village

40-17 Broadway, (929) 296-9700,

Survey says: “Fresh Organic Burgers! I love the Bison Burger! Also there’s Vegan Burgers too!”
Survey says: “Great Burgers and love the fried pickles. All washed down with awesome locally brewed beer!”

2nd Bareburger

33-21 31st Ave, (718) 777-7011; 23-01 31st St, (718) 204-7167,

Survey says: “We stan vegan options!”

3rd Burger Club

32-02 30th Ave, (718) 777-7788,

Yes, the burgers are excellent, but have you had the hand-cut french fries with cheddar cheese drizzled with beef short rib? Enough said.


The Baroness

47-18 Vernon Blvd, (718) 255-1336,

Google says: “Cozy place that offers some great burger and drink options.”

Petey’s Burger

46-46 Vernon Blvd, (718) 937-4040,

Google says: “Petey’s satisfies the fast food fix, with a step up in quality and service.”

Best Chinese Restaurant


1st Malala Chinese

42-02 30th Ave, (718) 606-1898,

Survey says: “Menu includes both traditional Chinese dishes and ‘American’ Chinese. You must try the Dry Pot. 10% discount if you order via their website and pay in cash for either pickup or delivery.”

2nd Bund on Broadway

25-08 Broadway, (718) 971-5465,

Survey says: “Most delicious chicken wonton soup.”
Survey says: “Best dumplings around.”

2nd Golden Dragon

34-06 31st Ave, (718) 777-2727,

Survey says: “My favorite go-to food and place! I order here more times than I’d like to admit. I’m addicted to their chicken and broccoli.”


Chairman Sun

47-30 Vernon Blvd, (917) 396-1252,

Survey says: “Right next to Hu Po on my list of favorites, but takes the cake for the authenticity and prices and selection.”

Hu Po

10-07 50th Ave, (718) 255-6722,

Google says: “Cold noodles, pepper beef & other Sichuan favorites in a chic venue serving fruity house cocktails.”

Best Deli


1st Sal, Kris and Charlie’s Deli

33-12 23rd Ave, (718) 278-9240,

Survey says: “Two words: The Bomb!”

2nd George’s Deli

36-19 28th Ave, (718) 777-3200,

Survey says: “Fresh sandwiches.”

3rd D & F Italian Deli

35-17 Broadway, (718) 728-2422,

Survey says: “Great sandwiches, friendly service and a great soda selection.”

Best Dessert


1st Comfortland

40-09 30th Ave, (347) 642-9932,

Survey says: “No other milkshakes compare with regards to creativity and flavor. The menu changes frequently so you are always in for a surprise. Their donuts by @donutdiva are to die for.”

2nd Martha’s Country Bakery

36-21 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 545-9737,

The cake slices are the best in Astoria (in our opinion), and we will never go wrong with the Mississippi Mud Pie, warmed up with whipped cream on top.

3rd Chip City

30-06 34th St, (917) 745-0101; 22-04 33rd St, (929) 522-0800,

The cookies are TERRIFIC. Big, but not so big that you don’t want to eat your next meal. They’re soft, sweet and delicous. We haven’t had a flavor we didn’t like!


Chip City

42-15 Crescent St, (347) 808-7700,

They change up flavors of cookies often, so you can go back many times, trying something new. (Of course you can’t go wrong with Chocolate Chip.)

Best Diner


1st Bel Aire Diner

31-91 21st St, (718) 721-3160,

One of the best 24-hour options in Astoria. You can get there by bus, which will drop you off right in front, or have the food delivered by ordering online. They have a large selection of different cuisines and great desserts.
Survey says: “It’s my fave for almost every category!”

2nd Neptune Diner

31-05 Astoria Blvd S, (718) 278-4853,

This Greek-themed diner is a stone’s throw away from the recently-renovated Astoria Blvd subway station, and if you drive, they have a parking lot!

3rd Michael’s Restaurant

33-17 Broadway, (718) 726-7474,

Google says: “Michael’s has always been my go to for comfort food, any time of the day. I love their Irish breakfast, their pasta dishes and burgers. Their service is far better and faster than in similar places around.”


Court Square Diner

45-30 23rd St, (718) 392-1222,

Google says: “If you’re looking for a late night diner with good staff and good food, here’s your best bet around the Queens LIC area!”

Best Family-Friendly Restaurant


1st Burger Village

40-17 Broadway, (929) 296-9700,

Survey says: “The Fresh Organic Tasty Meals of this friendly family-owned restaurant are truly delicious. They opened about a year ago and my husband and I have enjoyed many pleasant evenings at Burger Village.”

2nd The Bier & Cheese Collective

35-11 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 255-6982,

Survey says: “Kids LOVE this place!!”

3rd Comfortland

40-09 30th Ave, (347) 642-9932,

People of all ages enjoy sweets and comfort food!

3rd Cronin & Phelan’s

38-14 Broadway, (718) 545-8999,

Google says: “Great variety of food and drinks. Amazing bartenders, especially Dave who can do pretty awesome, fun magic and pour a fantastic Guinness!!!”


Jackson’s Eatery | Bar

10-37 Jackson Ave, (347) 649-1721,

They are very accepting and accommodating to babies and kiddies. As well as fur babies!

Best Greek Restaurant


1st Taverna Kyclades

33-07 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 545-8666,

Survey says: “Always fresh and consistent.”

2nd Bahari Estiatorio

31-14 Broadway, (718) 204-8968,

Google says: “Fresh fish, great vegetables, good Greek wine + service that feels like family.”

3rd Amylos Taverna

33-19 Broadway, (718) 215-0228,

Google says: “Five stars for food taste, food presentation, overall service, price and decor. Our favorite dishes are the fig salad, mousaka croquettes, lamb chops and the lobster soup.”

3rd Anassa Taverna Astoria

28-10 Astoria Blvd, (718) 956-0133,

Google says: “Amazing food, elegant ambiance and great service. Great place for a special event.”

3rd Ovelia

34-01 30th Ave, (718) 721-7217,

Google says: “Great ambiance, delicious food, great drinks, and everything in significant portions.”


Vernon Grille

48-20 Vernon Blvd, (718) 489-3142,

Google says: “Tasty food, friendly service, nice choice in the menu. Loved it!”

Best Indian Restaurant


1st Seva Indian Cuisine

30-07 34th St, (718) 626-4440,

Survey says: “There’s just nothing better. It’s flavorful, and just a great price. And it’s across the street from Chip City.”

2nd Yaar Indian Restaurant

22-55 31st St, (718) 721-0205,

Google says: “Authentic Indian food, excellent ambiance, don’t miss samosas and butter chicken.”

3rd Tikka Indian Grill

34-14 30th Ave, (718) 255-1085,

Survey says: “Tasty spices, amazing food!”


Adda Indian Canteen

31-31 Thomson Ave, (718) 433-3888,

Google says: “Great for people who love spicy food and an adventure to funky town.”

Best Italian Restaurant


1st VITE vinosteria

31-05 34th St, (718) 278-8483,

Google says: “What a wonderful, cozy, sweet, homey, cute place. The food is amazing, tastes original Italian, very delicious!”

2nd Ornella Trattoria Italiana

29-17 23rd Ave, (929) 205-4482,

Survey says: “Best pasta – portions are pricey but huge and delicious! Try the pistachio creme fusilli.”

3rd Sac’s Place

35-11 35th Ave, (718) 204-5002,

Google says: “Great food, great ambience, great service. All you need in your neighborhood Italian restaurant.”

3rd Trattoria L’Incontro

21-76 31st St, (718) 721-3532,

Survey says: “Excellent food and atmosphere.”


Il Falco

21-50 44th Dr, (718) 707-0009,

Google says: “Authentic Old School Italian Food… yummy goodness from drinks to dessert.”


46-10 Center Blvd, (718) 606-1770,

Survey says: “One of my favorite restaurants ever. Friendly staff, amazing food, classy atmosphere.”

Best Japanese Restaurant


1st Pink Nori

36-06 30th Ave, (718) 685-2365,

Google says: “This is definitely my go to spot for sushi in Astoria. Great staff, fresh food. Fantastic service.”

2nd Watawa Sushi

33-10 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 545-9596,

Survey says: “Delicious, affordable, and fresh!”

3rd HinoMaru Ramen

33-18 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 777-0228,

Google says: “Snug, buzzy Ramen bar with minimalist wooden furniture, also serving sushi and Japanese small plates.”


Ooi Sushi & Bar

42-36 Crescent St, (718) 433-1888,

Google says: “Good sashimi and sushi for an excellent price. The fish melts in your mouth!”


5-50 50th Ave, (718) 361-7973,

Google says: “Wow. I love this place. It’s unique, it’s authentic and it’s tasty. The food is amazing.”

Best Mexican Restaurant


1st Ruta Oaxaca

35-03 Broadway, (929) 349-1228,

Survey says: “Classic dishes done PERFECT! And the cocktails are delicious.”

2nd Las Catrinas Mexican Bar & Eatery

32-02 Broadway, (917) 745-0969,

Survey says: “Lovely margaritas and tacos.”

3rd De Mole Astoria

42-20 30th Ave, (718) 777-1655,

Survey says: “I might not live in Astoria anymore, but I miss this place. A nice, local, tasty Mexican restaurant.”

3rd Tacuba Cantina Mexicana

35-01 36th St, (718) 786-2727,

Google says: “Empanadas were homey and filling, and nice selection of Mexican beer.”


Casa Enrique

5-48 49th Ave, (347) 448-6040,

Google says: “This place is amazing! The drinks were off the charts. And the food was so good we had to go back another night to eat there again!”

Top Quality

10-29 44th Rd, (718) 786-8271,

This New Mexican restaurant has unique spins on classic dishes, making for some very tasty and unique flavors.

Best New Restaurant


1st Burger Village

40-17 Broadway, (929) 296-9700,

Survey says: “Great place to relax and enjoy amazing food and entertainment.”

2nd Sotto La Luna

34-39 31st St,

Google says: “Great atmosphere, food and friendly and attentive staff. Delicious pizzas and pastas made fresh in an open kitchen. Tiramisu was great too.”

3rd Ruta Oaxaca

35-03 Broadway, (929) 349-1228,

Survey says: “Not your traditional taco place. Gourmet and upscale and inventive Mexican.”

Best New Sweet Shop


1st Bench Flour Bakers

43-18 25th Ave,

Google says: “SO GOOD. Such a cozy spot for breakfast or a pastry and coffee. Highly recommend the mini coffee cake loaf.”

1st Dough

21-70 31st St, (718) 540-9170,

Google says: “Massive donuts! Make sure you’re hungry! $4.50 might seem a lot for a donut but these ones are so big, it’s worth it. Delicious and creative flavors!”


Bake Culture

42-32 Crescent St,

Google says: “New Taiwanese bakery that opened up, the egg tarts sell fast along with pork floss buns. Grab them while you can and enjoy!”

Best Pizza


1st Milkflower

34-12 31st Ave, (718) 204-1300,

We still haven’t had a better pie than the Van Dammer. Who would have thought brussel sprouts and an egg on a pizza would be so good?

2nd Retro Pizza Cafe

41-02 Broadway, (347) 612-4460,

Survey says: “The nicest staff, great consistent pizza.”

3rd Nonnas 1977

41-02 Astoria Blvd S, (718) 406-9779,

Survey says: “All slices are named after women in Rock & Roll. The ‘Angie’ is a must-have (A stuffed artichoke on a cream of spinach with ricotta cheese & topped with homemade roasted peppers).”
Survey says: “They have a great assortment of pizza also they donate a lot to the community. That’s a win-win for me!”



28-17 Jackson Ave, (929) 510-7007,

Google says: “The pizza is very high quality and absolutely delicious.”


26-21 Jackson Ave, (718) 392-3885,

Google says: “The bread, paninis, soups, pizzas, even coffee are all delish!”

Best Sandwich


1st Compton’s

30-02 14th St, (917) 745-0573,

Survey says: “A wide variety of options and delicious combinations of ingredients equal huge, hearty, tasty sandwiches.”

2nd Sal, Kris and Charlie’s Deli

33-12 23rd Ave, (718) 278-9240,

Survey says: “The sub sandwich called ‘The Bomb’ is Da Bomb. The best of everything! An amazing sandwich.”

3rd The Bier & Cheese Collective

35-11 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 255-6982,

Survey says: “Have you had the Kurt Brussels? May be the best sandwich in the city!”


Troppo Stretto

27-24 Jackson Ave,

Google says: “Amazing sandwiches! The bread and all the ingredients were really fresh and flavorful!”

Best Street Cart


1st King Souvlaki

31st St and 31st Ave, (917) 416-1189,

Google says: “Good, freshly made food, friendly service.”

2nd King of Falafel & Shawarma

30-15 Broadway, (718) 340-8068; 31st St and Ditmars Blvd, (646) 509-4715,

Google says: “Lamb kabab was sooo delicious soooo yummy.”

3rd El Rey del Taco Truck

33-01 30th Ave, (929) 544-6616; 31st St and Ditmars Blvd, (929) 590-8061,

Google says: “This place is really really good! Very affordable with large portions. I love their al pastor tacos.”


Chinelos Tacos Nyc

4-09 Center Blvd, (917) 819-9066,

Google says: “Walked right up and ordered birria tacos we had heard so many good things about and it didn’t disappoint. Absolutely delicious right by the park and other food trucks. The pricing was great as well!”

Best Thai Restaurant


1st Enthaice Thai Kitchen

33-20 31st Ave, (718) 932-1111,

Google says: “Their food was delicious, especially the pineapple fried rice and pad thai.”

2nd Hero Thai & Izakaya

34-16 Broadway, (718) 932-8826,

Google says: “Great food, good scenery, and awesome service.”

3rd Pochana Thai Kitchen

33-16 30th Ave, (718) 956-9559,

Google says: “Low-key, wood-hued storefront offering Thai family-style cooking from a husband-wife chef duo.”


Tuk Tuk

49-06 Vernon Blvd, (718) 472-5598, tuktukny.comm

Google says: “Their food is consistently delicious, fresh, and made to order efficiently and with great service.”

Best Vegetarian Food


1st Jujube Tree

35-02 30th Ave, (718) 545-1888,

Survey says: “Delicious vegetarian/vegan food that even meat-eaters will enjoy! I have about seven ‘regular’ dishes. The only way to balance that many is to go there frequently—a welcome task!”

2nd No. 5

35-43 37th St, (718) 729-5665,

Google says: “A unique restaurant with beautiful decor and even more delicious food! The menu is great for vegans as well as meat eaters with balanced plates.”

3rd Burger Village

40-17 Broadway, (929) 296-9700,

Survey says: “Belive it or not, Burger Village has a vegan menu as well, with salads and vegan- and plant-based burgers. Healthy and delicous.”

3rd Seva Indian Cuisine

30-07 34th St, (718) 626-4440,

Google says: “Meat and vegetarian dishes are spiced according to customer request at this cozy neighborhood spot.”


Sweet Chick

46-42 Vernon Blvd, (718) 433-4064,

There are a lot of chicken dishes as you may expect, but the vegetarian menu is very large, with about 10 options for main dishes.

EAT Write-in


Best Artisanal Beer and Cheese (and meat) Place to Chill At: The Bier & Cheese Collective

35-11 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 255-6982,

Best Australian Restaurant: The Thirsty Koala

35-12 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 626-5430,

Best Baklava: Al-Sham Sweets & Pastries

24-39 Steinway St, (718) 777-0876

Best Cooking Show: Cooking with Corey

Survey says: “CWC does the cooking for you with a selection of custom meals, where you go online and choose the meat or veggies and spices. Then, after the delicous meal is delivered, just heat and eat!”

Best French Fries: Compton’s

30-02 14th St, (917) 745-0573,

Best Heated Outdoor Individual Cubbies: The Pomeroy

36-12 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 721-1579,

Survey says: “The Pomeroy has individual heated cubbies to enjoy your meal without worrying about being unmasked around others. The perfect winter outdoor dining.”

Best Mediterranean: Duzan

24-11 Steinway St, (917) 832-7165,

Best New Coffee Shop: The Barn Coffee Shop

26-08 Hoyt Ave S, (718) 440-9930,

Best Ramen: Shuya

42-13 Broadway, (718) 777-0430,

Best Southern: Sugar Freak

37-11 30th Ave, (718) 606-1900,

Best Vietnamese Restaurant: District Saigon

37-15 Broadway, (718) 956-0007,

Most Missed by a Former Astorian: Jujube Tree

35-02 30th Ave, (718) 545-1888,

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