Omonia Cafe
Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden
Sek’end Sun
Astoria Bier & Cheese
Queen’s Room

These are the winners for the best bars, cafes, coffee, and tea (including bubble tea). Cheers!

Best Bar for Atmosphere

1st Sek’end Sun

32-11 Broadway, (917) 832-6414,

We love this place. We just do! Great music, excellent brunch, delicious drinks, and just an overall cool spot.

2nd The Ditty

35-03 Ditmars Blvd, (347) 617-1747,

This bar has a laid-back but fun vibe. With lots of board games, you could stay here a long time.

3rd Diamond Dogs

34-04 31st Ave, (929) 522-0061,

Just as Diamond Dogs does not have a website, neither does it have a sign marking where it is. You just have to find it!

Best Bar for Cocktails

1st The Last Word

31-30 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 440-3378,

Survey says: “Want a sleek and sexy vibe for your night out? This place brings all that and more and a damn good cocktail.”

2nd Diamond Dogs

34-04 31st Ave, (929) 522-0061,

Google says: “Great beers and cocktails, fantastic staff and ambiance.”

3rd Sek’end Sun

32-11 Broadway, (917) 832-6414,

Cocktails here are tasty and strong.

3rd The Astorian

28-50 31st St, (917) 745-1179,

Google says: “Nice place for whiskey drinks and beers.”

Best Bar for Beer

1st Astoria Bier & Cheese

34-14 Broadway, (718) 545-5588; 35-11 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 255-6982,

Survey says: “They can’t be beat for their extensive beer selection on draft and in the bottle, matched perfectly with a host of cheeses and small plates appropriate for any time of day or season.”

1st Sunswick 35/35

35-02 35th St, (718) 752-0620,

Great neighborhood bar with nice craft beer list to boot. Come here to get a drink or two of something good before/after heading to your movie or museum outing nearby.

3rd Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden

29-19 24th Ave, (718) 274-4925,

This is one of the places that Astorians and non-Astorians alike will flock to in the summer. What’s better than sipping a cold one on a hot day with a group of your best friends?

Best Bar for Sports

1st Break Bar & Billiards

32-04 Broadway, (718) 777-5400,

Survey says: “Best for UFC and major sports events.”

2nd Katch Astoria

31-19 Newtown Ave, (718) 777-2230,

Survey says: “You could never have a bad seat here. TVs abound.”

3rd The Shillelagh Tavern

47-22 30th Ave, Long Island City, (718) 728-9028,

Plenty of HDTVs to watch your favorite teams.

Best Bar for Trivia Night

1st Sek’end Sun

32-11 Broadway, (917) 832-6414,

Trivia is every Monday at 7pm.

2nd 3308 Eats & Drinks

33-08 Broadway, (718) 278-1619,

Trivia is every Tueday at 8pm.

3rd Passage Irish Bar & Kitchen

40-11 30th Ave, (917) 832-6680,

Trivia is every Wednesday at 8pm.

Best Bar for Wine

1st Botte Bar

25-07 Broadway, (718) 433-9079,

Google says: “Great service, menu, food, wine… tiny but terrific atmosphere.”

2nd Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro

23-14 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 606-0116,

Google says: “Excellent red sangria! Bartender is very warm and friendly. Welcoming place.”

3rd DiWine

41-15 31st Ave, (718) 777-1355,

Amazing selection of wine and the food is excellent for brunch or dinner. We especially like the salads.

Best Bubble Tea

1st Tea and Milk

32-02 34th Ave, (347) 921-2056,

Survey says: “Head to a place with unique flavors and illuminating tastes. This place is for the bubble tea mega-fans out there!”

2nd Moge Tee

42-32 Crescent St, Long Island City, (518) 418-0137,

Google says: “Limited seating but drinks are tasty.”

Best Cafe

1st Queen’s Room

36-02 Ditmars Blvd, (347) 987-3994,

We went here on a weekday afternoon, and could have easily stayed for hours. There’s a relaxed vibe and the music is mellow, but not so much that it makes you sleepy. There’s food served for all three meals, so it could be considered a bistro. Also, the coffee here is magnificant. One of the BOAST team members was tempted to drink it black, and he never drinks coffee black! It’s that good.

2nd Omonia Café

32-20 Broadway, (718) 274-6650,

We love the ambiance here. It’s a very European feel, with people sitting and chatting into the late hours of the night. We also really like the colorful lights outside.

2nd Monika’s Cafe Bar

32-90 36th St, (718) 204-5273,

Survey says: “Allergen friendly, board games, and fun atmosphere.”

Best Coffee and Tea

1st Gossip Coffee

37-04 30th Ave, (718) 440-8792,

Nice, comfortable space. There’s wi-fi here, so it’s a good place to update your Instagram with the beautiful lattes.

2nd Kinship Coffee

32-14 Steinway St,

Google says: “Great coffee and vibes, good place to sit and get work done.”

3rd New York City Bagel & Coffee House

33-10 30th Ave, (718) 728-9512; 40-05 Broadway, (718) 728-9511; 29-10 Broadway, (718) 777-0324; 29-08 23rd Ave, (718) 728-9500,

Survey says: “NYCBCH has incredible bagels and an impressive array of breads including Whole Wheat Everything and Bialys, teas and coffee and plenty of space for friends.”

Best Hot Chocolate

1st Gossip Coffee

37-04 30th Ave, (718) 440-8792,

The coffee here is the bomb, and the hot chocolate is too.

2nd New York City Bagel & Coffee House

33-10 30th Ave, (718) 728-9512; 40-05 Broadway, (718) 728-9511; 29-10 Broadway, (718) 777-0324; 29-08 23rd Ave, (718) 728-9500,

The hot chocolate here is underrated but still delicious.

Best New Bar

1st Rivercrest

33-15 Ditmars Blvd, (347) 808-7887,

The staff is very friendly, and there is a huge variety of drinks. There are HDTVs all over, so you can watch the game in practically in seat. It’s neat how the bar is in the middle, with seats all around it.

2nd Acento Latin Kitchen & Bar

33-06 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 440-9435,

Google says: “A delicious combination of iconic Latin American dishes, great drinks, and a staff that’s like family.”

DRINK Write-in

All around fun and great bar: Mad Donkey Beer Bar & Grill

32-07 36th Ave, (718) 204-2070,

Best Dive: Kelly’s Bar & Grill

31-04 Crescent St, (718) 278-9734,

Best Thai Iced Tea: Pochana Thai Kitchen

33-16 30th Ave, (718) 956-9559,

Best Wine Shop: Adega Wine & Spirits

31-25 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 545-2525,

Survey says: “Always a great selection. Hope they bring back the complementary classes.”

DRINK Best of the Decade

Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden

29-19 24th Ave, (718) 274-4925,

Diamond Dogs

34-04 31st Ave, (929) 522-0061,

Kelly’s Bar and Grill

31-04 Crescent St, (718) 278-9734,

Tea and Milk

32-02 34th Ave, (347) 921-2056,

William Hallet (Pouring one out for WH. We Miss you!)

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