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Omonia Cafe
The Astor Room
Front Toward Enemy
Sunswick 35/35
Studio Square NYC

These are the winners for the best bars, cafes, beer gardens, and coffee shops. Grab a drink!


Best Bar-Atmosphere

1st Sweet Afton

30-09 34th St, (718) 777-2570,

Dark and inviting, this is a great spot to nurse a beer or a cocktail on a cold winter’s night and enjoy some live music on a Monday. Or come by on a Friday or Saturday night to see half of Astoria pass through on their way to the next bar of the night.


2nd Front Toward Enemy

40-11 30th Ave, (718) 545-2269,

This has been described as a “decadent dungeon,” and it fulfills that homage in the best way possible. Sit at one of the round tables and drink to your victories or sorrows in style.


3rd Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden

29-19 24th Ave, (718) 274-4925,

Classic Astoria establishment. If you want to spend the day relaxing with a group of friends drinking Czech beer out of enormous steins, this is the place for you.

Best Bar-Bartenders

1st Irish Rover

37-18 28th Ave, (718) 278-9372,

Survey says: “Hands down best bartenders with the best buy-back rate.”


2nd Bourbon & Vine

36-05 30th Ave, (877) 452-2830,

Homey but not divey, sleek but not pretentious. Bourbon & Vine is one of the newer bars to grace 30th Ave, but the comfortable vibe and friendly service makes it feel like the local that’s been around forever. We especially enjoyed watching the bartender patiently shake up a “New York Sour” to all its frothy glory!


3rd Front Toward Enemy

40-11 30th Ave, (718) 545-2269,

Very well executed cocktails from bartenders who care about the ingredients as well as the process of making the drinks.

Best Bar-Cocktails

1st Mar’s

34-21 34th Ave, (718) 685-2480,

If you want an old school Old Fashioned from a bartender in suspenders, this is your place. The cocktail list isn’t huge but a lot of thought is clearly put into their menu.


2nd Bourbon & Vine

36-05 30th Ave, (877) 452-2830,

The standards remind you of a pre-prohibition era and specials change frequently – always highlighting high quality alcoholic libations.


3rd Dutch Kills Bar

27-24 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, (718) 383-2724,

One of the first and still best cocktail bars in Western Queens, the mixologists here will make you a crafted cocktail from their well curated menu or make a drink of your choosing. They also place a lot of attention on the quality and size of their ice.

Best Bar-Craft Beer

1st Astoria Bier & Cheese

34-14 Broadway, (718) 545-5588, and 35-11 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 255-6982,

A wonderful place to pick out a couple of unique craft beers and smelly cheeses to bring home and eat, or sit and enjoy a flight with a sandwich or cheese plate.


2nd Sunswick 35/35

35-02 35th St, (718) 752-0620,

Great neighborhood bar with nice craft beer list to boot. Come here to get a drink or two of something good before/after heading to your movie or museum outing nearby.


3rd The Queens Kickshaw

40-17 Broadway, (718) 777-0913,

A small but unique list of beers on draft complemented by an amazing bottle list. Try any of their ciders, one of the local craft beers they’ve chosen to carry this week, or a flight of four beers.

Best Bar-Games

1st Break Bar & Billiards

32-04 Broadway, (718) 777-5400,

If you’re looking to drink, play billiards and ping pong all in the same night, Break is your spot. They also have darts, air hockey, and vintage arcade games like foosball and hoops.

Survey says: “Tip: Break has free pool before 8!”


2nd Singlecut Beersmiths

19-33 37th St, (718) 606-0788,

’93After taking the tour of this brewery, be sure to stick around to enjoy a beer and play a board game!’94

Best Bar-Sports

1st Break Bar & Billiards

32-04 Broadway, (718) 777-5400,

Break boasts having 10 high-def televisions with state of the art audio and video capabilities.


2nd Sweet Spot

22-72 31st St, (718) 777-7475,

43 HD-TVs ranging from 80″ in the main dining room to to 27″ screens in the restrooms means you won’t miss a minute of the game!


3rd Twist & Smash’d

34-02 Steinway St, (718) 806-1542,

They have a calendar on their website to let you know what game will be playing. However, if you stumble in and it’s not your team, try your hand on the bocce court!

Best Bar-Trivia

1st Front Toward Enemy

40-11 30th Ave, (718) 545-2269,

Mr. Brain Box is an interactive trivia night at 8pm on Tuesdays.


2nd Broadway Station

30-09 Broadway, (718) 545-5869

On Wednesdays at 8pm you can bring a team of up to 6 players to get schooled in trivia. Play for gift certificates & bar tabs. Prizes change weekly.


3rd Sunswick 35/35

35-02 35th St, (718) 752-0620,

Friendly local bar which hosts an extremely popular weekly trivia night on Wednesdays at 8pm. Bring your own group for a fun night and prizes for top place groups.

Best Bar-Wine

1st DiWine

41-15 31st Ave, (718) 777-1355,

Looking for a quiet place for a first date? This wine bar is simply romantic!


2nd Mosaic Cafe & Lounge

25-19 24th Ave, (718) 728-0708,

Cozy couches and a great wine selection make for a great date night or evening out with friends.


3rd Winegasm Bar & Eatery

31-86 37th St, (718) 932-3331,

Their focus is natural, organic, bio-dynamic, sustainable and local wines, and they are known for their fondue.

Best Beer Garden

1st Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden

29-19 24th Ave, (718) 274-4925,

Survey says: “The original and still the best.”


2nd The Strand Smokehouse

25-27 Broadway, (718) 440-3231,

Huge space, great beer, affordable cocktails, and tasty BBQ. What more does one need in life? Bring a few friends and stay awhile.

Survey says: “Does the Strand count as a beer garden? If so, they’re my #1.”


3rd Studio Square NYC

35-37 36th St, (718) 383-1001,

Two indoor areas, and one huge outdoor courtyard make this spot a popular destination any time of the year. When the weather is warm, televised sports events are projected onto a huge screen outside.

Best Cafe

1st Omonia Cafe

32-20 Broadway, (718) 274-6650,

Some locals say their baklava is to die for. If you have a sweet tooth, there’s something on the menu for you.


2nd 60 Beans Coffee and Tea

36-02 Ditmars Blvd, (347) 967-3994

Survey says: “Good coffee, great atmosphere, and they even serve beer!”


3rd Grand Cafe

37-01 30th Ave, (718) 777-7321,

This is an easy place to meet up with friends or a date since it is close to the 30th Ave subway station.

Best Coffee

1st The Queens Kickshaw

40-17 Broadway, (718) 777-0913,

Their pour-over coffee is life changing. Come in, order it black, and savor the subtle flavors listed in the menu’s tasting notes.


2nd Astoria Coffee

30-04 30th St, (347) 410-7399,

They make a mean latte and their housemade nut milk adds an additional creaminess to any drink (try it with the chai). The owners have clearly filled a need for a neighborhood coffee shop as it is always filled with people meeting, studying, or getting coffee on their way to work or an errand. Stay a while, maybe splurge on a cup of ice cream, listen to the light jazz and take in the relaxing atmosphere before continuing on with your day.


3rd Love Cafe

32-30 Steinway St, (718) 786-2040

Check out one of the coziest places to grab a coffee in Astoria. Plus, there are quite a number of meet-cutes that start here!

Best Happy Hour

1st The Astor Room

34-12 36th St, (718) 255-1947,

Drop in Tuesdays through Sundays from 5pm’967pm for a signature cocktail or craft beer and enjoy live jazz from an eclectic roster of local musicians.


2nd Mar’s

34-21 34th Ave, (718) 685-2480,

One of the great happy hours in the city. In addition to a reasonable beer, wine and cocktail selection, they have $1 oysters that are fresh and delicious. Mars is a good prelude to a meal or if you have a hankering for good oysters and don’t want to pay $2.50 a pop.


3rd Mojave

22-36 31st St, (718) 545-4100,

Two big thumbs up to $3 draft beers and $5 margaritas during Happy Hour.

Best Hot Chocolate

1st Il Bambino

34-08 31st Ave, (718) 626-0087,

THEY HAVE NUTELLA HOT CHOCOLATE. Go there right now and drink some! Warning: only for those who love serious hot chocolate. Others need not apply.


2nd Leli’s Bakery

35-14 30th Ave, (718) 626-8090

While popping in for a cookie, make sure to pick up a cup of their hot cocoa!


3rd Martha’s Country Bakery

36-21 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 545-9737,

Their drink menu constantly changes, and they experiment with many delectable hot chocolate varieties.

DRINK Write-in

Best Unknown Secret Bar:

Veronica’s Bar

34-04 36th Ave, (718) 255-1886

Survey results from January 2015