Martha's Country Bakery
Bel Aire Restaurant & Diner
Ornella Trattoria Italiana
Pye Boat Noodle

These are the winners for the best restaurants, bakeries, food trucks, and diners. Get your eat on!

Best American

1st Queens Comfort

40-09 30th Ave, (718) 728-2350,

Survey says: “How can anyone resist the Pig Mac.”

2nd Bareburger

33-21 31st Ave, (718) 777-7011 and 23-01 31st St, (718) 204-7167,

The best thing about Bareburger is that there are so many different choices. Three different types of veggie burgers in one place is basically unheard of. In addition to giving customers the gift of customization, Bareburger also provides a clean and friendly enviornment and some of the best shakes and onion rings in the city.

3rd Mar’s

34-21 34th Ave, (718) 685-2480,

Survey says: “These guys have a great oyster happy hour and great food overall.”

Best Bakery

1st Martha’s Country Bakery

36-21 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 545-9737,

Survey says: “Everything I have tried here is wonderful. And their display is beautiful.”

2nd Parisi Bakery

30-17 Broadway, (718) 728-5282,

Survey says: “Best cannolis in Astoria.”

3rd Leli’s Bakery

35-14 30th Ave, (718) 626-8090

Survey says: “Delicious baked good and a great spot for coffee and a pastry with friends!”

Best Brazilian

1st Malagueta Restaurant

25-35 36th Ave, (718) 937-4821,

Survey says: “This restaurant feels the most like a home-cooked meal with no frills and great Brazilian plates.”

2nd Copacabana Pizza & Grill

31-13 36th Ave, (718) 545-3685

Survey says: “Not a fancy restaurant, more like a cafeteria. Still has some of the best cheap eats in the neighborhood.”

3rd Favela Grill

33-18 28th Ave, (718) 545-8250,

The restaurant is warm and cozy, and they are best known for their Feijoadas and churrasco (grilled skirt steak).

Best Brunch

1st Queens Comfort

40-09 30th Ave, (718) 728-2350,

Survey says: “The menu items are just so creative and good. There’s a reason why there’s usually a long line outside for weekend brunch.”

2nd Rèst-âü-Ránt

30-01 35th Ave, (718) 729-9009,

This under-the-radar restaurant on 35th Ave has a terrific brunch deal. We love the Omlette a la You, and feel free to indulge in a complimentary Bloody Mary, Bloody Maria (Bloody Mary with tequila), Mimosa, or Bellini with any entree.

3rd Gastroteca

33-02 34th Ave, (718) 729-9080,

Survey says: “Inventive brunch menu with lots of delicious options.”

Best Budget

1st King of Falafel & Shawarma

30th St and Broadway, (718) 340-8068,

Survey says: “Where else can you get a filling container with enough food for two people. Even four falafels for two bucks is a filling cheap snack.”

2nd Jerusalem Pita House

25-15 30th Ave, (718) 932-8282

Survey says: “Cheap and delicious! Make sure to ask for the daily special!”

3rd Psari Seafood Restaurant

32-10 36th Ave, (718) 786-6015,

The portions are generous, and you can get a whole fish, broiled or grilled, for less than $25. Groupons are also sometimes available.

Best Burger

1st Bareburger

33-21 31st Ave, (718) 777-7011 or 23-01 31st St, (718) 204-7167,

Survey says: “Best burger of any kind. Beef, wild board, ostrich. You name it, they do it best!”

2nd Sweet Afton

30-09 34th St, (718) 777-2570,

Nothing better than a pint and a burger at the bar after work.

3rd William Hallet

36-10 30th Ave, (718) 269-3443,

Survey says: “William Hallet has great food overall, but their most consistent and best thing on the menu is still the burger. It’s cooked perfectly and its additions are the perfect meal.”

Best Chinese

1st Sampan Chinese Restaurant

28-48 Steinway St, (718) 267-1688,

This Chinese take-out spot really delivers! The sesame chicken is particularly tasty.

2nd Kitaku Japanese and Chinese Restaurant

29-21 23rd Ave, (718) 606-8508

Survey says: “They serve both Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Both are delicious!”

3rd Dragon Restaurant

22-17 31st St, (718) 545-2228

Friendly staff and quality food at this take-out and delivery spot.

Best Diner

1st Sanfords

30-13 Broadway, (718) 932-9569,

There aren’t many places open 24 hours, and even less where you can get s’mores french toast at all hours. With a cocktail and coffee included with your entrée, their brunch deal is a steal. You may have a wait but the friendly and efficient staff helps to make up for it.

2nd Bel-Aire Restaurant & Diner

31-91 21st St, (718) 721-3160

One of the best 24-hour options in Astoria. You can get there by bus, which will drop you off right in front, or have it brought to you by ordering online. They have a large selection of different cuisines and great desserts.

3rd Mike’s Diner

31-05 Astoria Blvd, (718) 278-4853

22-37 31st St, (718) 721-9220

Survey says: “They recently renovated, and it looks great. Good, reliable diner food!”

Best Greek

1st Agnanti

19-06 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 545-4554,

Survey says: “This restaurant may always be cramped for space, but the food and home style dishes are always worth it.”

2nd Taverna Kyclades

33-07 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 545-8666,

The most well-known Greek restaurant in Astoria. There’s usually a line to get in, but if you’ve never been, it’s worth the wait to see what all the commotion is about. The food is fresh, and the portions are generous. You will not leave hungry.

3rd Zenon Taverna

34-10 31st Ave, (718) 956-0133,

This place is cozy and the atmosphere is welcoming. Be sure to try the grilled octopus!

Best Ice Cream/Gelato

1st Sweet Jane’s

27-17 24th Ave, (347) 848-0292,

Survey says: “They have a large selection of dairy and nondairy ice creams.”

2nd Martha’s Country Bakery

36-21 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 545-9737,

Choose from 10 delicious flavors of gelato and sorbet. Also, the milkshakes, made with multiple scoops, are excellent.

3rd Il Bambino

34-08 31st Ave, (718) 626-0087,

Survey says: “The Honey Hot is my favorite milkshake of all time and the ice cream sandwiches are magnificent!”

Best Italian

1st Trattoria L’Incontro

21-76 31st St, (718) 721-3532,

Survey says: “Delicious food and great service. This place never disappoints!”

2nd Ornella Trattoria Italiana

29-17 23rd Ave, (718) 777-9477,

Survey says: “They have a nice selection of vegetarian dishes as part of their traditional Italian menu.”

3rd Sac’s Place

25-41 Broadway, (718) 204-5002,

Survey says: “The best sauce on earth. Fresh ingredients. Made with love.”

Best Japanese

1st Watawa Sushi

33-10 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 545-9596,

Survey says: “Hands down, Watawa is the best. They have fresh sushi and creative rolls.”

2nd Gowasabi

34-02 30th Ave, (718) 204-7354

Survey says: “Good for Japanese AND Korean food. Who else can say that.”

3rd Pink Nori

36-06 30th Ave, (718) 685-2365

This popular restaurant differentiates itself by the modern decor, expanded cocktails list (with a decent happy hour) and some unique rolls.

Best Mexican

1st Pachanga Patterson

33-17 31st Ave, (718) 554-0525,

A solid mainstay on the 31st Ave restaurant row, this friendly neighborhood Mexican eatery boasts contemporary takes on old favorites. We particularly like the wild mushroom quesadilla. The friendly staff at the bar puts you at ease while serving up innovative libations.

2nd Maizal Mexican Cuisine & Tequila Bar

32-07 34th Ave, (718) 406-9431,

Try the stuffed plantain and homemade guacamole, prepared with varying levels of spiciness. The wait staff is especially friendly and helpful.

3rd Tacuba

35-01 36th St, (718) 786-2727,

Celebrity chef alert! Julian Medina of Toloache fame serves up mouthwatering gourmet tacos in Astoria. Perfect if you want to impress someone for dinner/lunch/brunch/happy hour. Head over to UA Kaufman Astoria Stadium 14 to complete the dinner and movie date!

Best New Restaurant

1st Sek’end Sun

32-11 Broadway, (917) 832-6414,

Sek’end Sun serves up an eclectic menu of comfort food including mac ‘n cheese, shrimp ‘n grits, fish ‘n chips, and pork bahn mi. Sek’end Sun is more of a bar-restaurant hybrid, but it has tables and delicious food, so it’s restaurant enough for us!

2nd Jujube Tree

35-02 30th Ave, (718) 545-1888

Survey says: “Kosher Asian Vegan and delicious!”

3rd Vite Vinosteria

31-05 34th St, (718) 278-8483,

Survey says: “This restaurant serves the best fresh pasta in the neighborhood. Their small dishes and sangria are pretty amazing complements to your meal.”

Best Pizza

1st Milkflower

34-12 31st Ave, (718) 204-1300,

Survey says: “For the Van Dammer alone, this restaurant is one of the best haute pizza places ever.”

2nd Sac’s Place

25-41 Broadway, (718) 204-5002,

Survey says: “No one has pizza like Sac’s.”

3rd Tufino Pizzeria Napoletana

36-08 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 278-4800,

Serving specialty wood-fired Neopolitan pizza and authentic Italian cuisine. Make sure to save room for the Nutella Pizza. Yes, it’s a pizza dough stuffed with nutella, and add the bananas. You can thank us later.

Best Sandwich

1st Sal, Kris, and Charlie’s Deli

33-12 23rd Ave, (718) 278-9240

Survey says: “Sandwich Kings.”

2nd Il Bambino

34-08 31st Ave, (718) 626-0087,

Interesting and upscale paninis and crostinis at affordable prices.

3rd The Thirsty Koala

35-12 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 626-5430,

The mission of this Australian eatery is to make the world a better place one bite at a time, and they are seeming to accomplish that with their burgers and sandwiches. The Aussie Jaffles (Australian sandwiches) are made on fresh bread, and we recommend the Banjo Paterson 2, which has skirt steak and mushrooms on baguette.

Best Thai

1st Pye Boat Noodle

35-13 Broadway, (718) 685-2329,

Survey says: “Best authentic Thai in the neighborhood. The decor and even the servers make you feel like you’re in Thailand with them greeting you in Thai as you enter and leave the restaurant.”

2nd Leng Thai

33-09 Broadway, (718) 956-7117,

Who says you have to trek all the way out to Woodside for excellent Thai food? While we love their soups, stick to one of the salads in the warmer months; the Yum Mua Mang or the Som Tum are complex, crispy, and refreshing. You can’t go wrong with their curry dishes either. If the weather is cooperative, asked to be seated in the garden.

3rd Thai Elephant

21-09 31st St, (718) 204-8827,

Survey says: “Good food & nice atmosphere!”

Best Vegetarian

1st Jujube Tree

35-02 30th Ave, (718) 545-1888

Survey says: “Astoria’s only all-vegetarian restaurant has a nice variety of delicious food. The Kung Po Soy Protein has become my go-to favorite for both dining in and delivery!”

2nd Mundo

37-06 36th St, Long Island City, (718) 706-8636,

This place is in Long Island City and may feature meat dishes on the menu, but the non-meat-centric dishes are out of this world.

3rd Seva Indian Cuisine

30-07 34th St, (718) 626-4440,

Survey says: “There’s no slot for the best Indian but it’s closest to vegetarian because most of its dishes are vegetarian! Have anything on the menu and you will be satisfied.”

EAT Write-in

Best Brisket:

Butcher Bar

37-10 30th Ave, (718) 606-8140,

Best Ramen:

Tamashii Ramen

29-05 Broadway, (718) 278-5888,

Best Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt:

Yogurt La Crêpe

29-02 Ditmars Blvd, (917) 832-6930,

Survey results from July 2015. Click here for the results from January 2015.