Martha's Country Bakery
The Queens Kickshaw
Gastroteca Astoria
Pye Boat Noodle

These are the winners for the best restaurants, bakeries, food trucks, and diners. Get your eat on!

Best American

1st Sanfords Restaurant

30-13 Broadway, (718) 932-9569,

This newly-renovated eatery and whiskey lounge stays open late every night, and you can get food any time. It might be known for its brunch, but other food is quite good, and the portions are generous.

2nd The Queens Kickshaw

40-17 Broadway, (718) 777-0913,

Survey says: “Best grilled cheese.”

3rd William Hallet

36-10 30th Ave, (718) 269-3443,

One of the best burgers in Astoria, and other options, including the fish, are prepared very well too.

Best Bakery

1st Martha’s Country Bakery

36-21 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 545-9737,

Survey says: “Still the best – selection, atmosphere, and taste are all top notch.”

2nd Rose & Joe’s Italian Bakery

22-40 31st St, (718) 721-9422

Survey says: “Excellent bread, cookies and pizza.”

3rd Leli’s Bakery

35-14 30th Ave, (718) 626-8090

Survey says: “Delicious baked goods and a great spot for coffee and a pastry with friends!”

Best Brunch

1st Sanfords

30-13 Broadway, (718) 932-9569,

There aren’t many places open super-late, and even less where you can get s’mores french toast at all hours. You may have a wait for weekend brunch, but the friendly and efficient staff help to make up for it.

2nd Grand Cafe

37-01 30th Ave, (718) 777-7321,

Survey says: “Two vegetarians and two omnivores went, and everyone was happy. A great brunch menu with variety and good beverage options too.”

3rd Gastroteca Astoria

33-02 34th Ave, (718) 729-9080,

Survey says: “Inventive brunch menu with lots of delicious options.”

3rd William Hallet

36-10 30th Ave, (718) 269-3443,

Survey says: “All You Can Drink includes cider on tap. Yum!”

Best Budget

1st King of Falafel & Shawarma

30-15 Broadway, (718) 626-3838,
Now in a brick and mortar location!
Survey says: “Where else can you get a filling container with enough food for two people. Even four falafels for two bucks is a filling cheap snack.”

2nd Arepas Cafe

33-07 36th Ave, (718) 937-3835,

Survey says: “Very filling for the amount spent.”

3rd St. James Deli

34-02 34th Ave, (718) 482-7835

Survey says: “Terrific fast Mexican food at all hours.”

Best Burger

1st Burger Club

32-02 30th Ave, (718) 777-7788,

Yes, the burgers are excellent, but have you had the hand-cut french fries with cheddar cheese drizzled with beef short rib? Enough said.

2nd Bareburger

33-21 31st Ave, (718) 777-7011; 23-01 31st St, (718) 204-7167,

Survey says: “Best burger of any kind. Beef, wild board, ostrich. You name it, they do it best!”

3rd Sweet Afton

30-09 34th St, (718) 777-2570,

When we saw a picture on Instagram (from Yelp Queens) of the Sweet Afton Breakfast Burger with the yolk dripping in just the right way, looking so mouth-wateringly good, we knew we had to try one. We ended up going at dinnertime, so our burger did not have an egg on it, but it was still delicious. The patty was prepared well, and the country white bun was excellent. Next time we’ll get one with an egg.

Best Chinese

1st Jujube Tree

35-02 30th Ave, (718) 545-1888,

Survey says: “It’s technically pan-Asian, but it includes Chinese!”

2nd Rice K

29-21 23rd Rd, (718) 606-8508,

Survey says: “Even though they aren’t a purely Chinese restaurant, their General Tso’s Chicken puts them at the top of the list for me.”

Survey says: “It’s both Chinese and Japanese, so this may be a controversial pick. But the food from both menus is good. And frankly, it’s nice to have the variety, especially if you go with a group of people who want different things. Great vegetarian options too!”

Best Dessert

1st Martha’s Country Bakery

36-21 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 545-9737,

Survey says: “Awesome cakes and pastries. Single pieces and whole cakes.”

2nd T-Swirl Crepe

36-16 30th Ave, (917) 832-6815,

Its website says, “Each bite, no matter sweet or savory, is identical and bursting with fresh exquisite flavor.” Who are we to argue with that?

3rd La Guli Pastry Shop

29-15 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 728-5612,

Family-owned and operated Italian bakery since it opened in 1937. The pastries are baked fresh daily, and some of the standouts are the eclairs, cannolis, and marzipan.

Best Diner

1st Neptune Diner

31-05 Astoria Blvd S, (718) 278-4853,

This Greek-themed diner is a stone’s throw away from the Astoria Blvd subway station, and if you drive, they have a parking lot! While open 24 hours, best service is before the late night hours.

2nd Mike’s Diner

22-37 31st St, (718) 721-9220,

Survey says: “They recently renovated, and it looks great. Good, reliable diner food!”

3rd Bel-Aire Restaurant & Diner

31-91 21st St, (718) 721-3160,

One of the best 24-hour options in Astoria. You can get there by bus, which will drop you off right in front, or have it brought to you by ordering online. They have a large selection of different cuisines and great desserts.

Best Greek

1st Taverna Kyclades

33-07 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 545-8666,

Survey says: “Worth the line/wait.”

2nd Stamatis

29-09 23rd Ave, (718) 932-8596,

Survey says: “I’ve tried a bunch of Greek restaurants in Astoria, but this is the one I keep going back to and am always pleased with. I’ve tried a bunch of different options on the menu, and the food’s always good. It’s a nice environment, for both indoor and outdoor seating.”

3rd Agnanti

19-06 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 545-4554,

Survey says: “Fresh, delicious and interesting dishes are served in a great atmosphere. Doesn’t get better than this :)”

Best Italian

1st Trattoria L’Incontro

21-76 31st St, (718) 721-3532,

Survey says: “A bit on the pricey side, but you really get the best Italian meal around.”

2nd Ornella Trattoria Italiana

29-17 23rd Ave, (718) 777-9477,

Survey says: “Good food, nice atmosphere, and great vegetarian options too.”

3rd Vite Vinosteria

31-05 34th St, (718) 278-8483,

Google says: Rustic-chic neighborhood joint with homestyle Italian fare, a variety of wines & a weekend brunch.

Best Japanese

1st Watawa Sushi

33-10 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 545-9596,

Survey says: “Insanely fresh fish with a great lunch deal. I could eat here every day and be happy.”

2nd Kumo

37-18 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 278-8808,

The lunch specials are a great deal with three rolls for $9! The dinner maki specials are only a few bucks more.

3rd Pink Nori

36-06 30th Ave, (718) 685-2365,

This popular restaurant differentiates itself by the modern decor, expanded cocktails list (with a decent happy hour) and some unique rolls.

Best Mexican

1st Pachanga Patterson

33-17 31st Ave, (718) 554-0525,

Survey says: “Taco Tuesday = $5 tacos all night! My favorite tacos in the city. And don’t sleep on their seasonal specials or cocktails, they are delicious.”

2nd Mojave

22-36 31st St, (718) 545-4100,

The margaritas are excellent, and be sure to check out the carne asada tacos and crab-stuffed shrimp. (Insider’s tip: Try the sangrita.)

3rd Maizal

32-07 34th Ave, (718) 406-9431,

Survey says: “Fresh, delicious, amazing.”

Best New Restaurant

1st Mom’s Kitchen & Bar

33-01 31st Ave, (718) 267-0142,

Survey says: “Perfect comfort food, great chicken and waffles, huge milkshakes.”

2nd Tut’s Hub

30-91 Steinway St, (718) 932-8000,

Authentic Egyptian cuisine and beautiful decor located in the Little Egypt area of Astoria.

3rd Flattopps

33-06 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 267-0400

Trendy burger joint/comfort food spot in the Ditmars area. Also, sister restaurant of Queen’s Comfort.

Best Pizza

1st Milkflower

34-12 31st Ave, (718) 204-1300,

Survey says: “Awesome combinations. Great service.”

2nd Rose & Joe’s Italian Bakery

22-40 31st St, (718) 721-9422

If you don’t know about the pizza in the back of the shop, well, now you do. Get a slice of the Margherita and you will not be disappointed.

3rd Retro Pizza Cafe

41-02 Broadway, (347) 612-4460,

There are a number of inventive pies, all taste good, and a couple are exceptional. It’s a great place for grabbing a couple slices. Also the decor is very cool, with vintage movie posters covering one wall.

Best Sandwich

1st Queen’s Comfort

40-09 30th Ave, (718) 728-2350,

Survey says: “Down By Law chicken sandwich is the best.”

2nd Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

35-05 Broadway, (718) 204-0141; 36-14 30th Ave, (718) 777-1121,

Have you had the bagels here? They’re amazing. So suffice it to say that anything you put on the bagels will also be amazing. Our go-to’s are the bagel and schmear, or the bagel with egg and cheese. You really can’t go wrong.

3rd Il Bambino

34-08 31st Ave, (718) 626-0087,

Fresh ingredients and fresh bread make this spot one of the top sandwich destinations in Astoria.

Best Thai

1st Pye Boat Noodle

35-13 Broadway, (718) 685-2329,

Survey says: “The food was tasty, and the outdoor seating area makes you feel like you’re eating in a sukkah!”

2nd Leng Thai

33-09 Broadway, (718) 956-7117,

Authenic food and reasonably-priced. The waitstaff is friendly, and it’s a pleasure to sit on the back patio in warmer weather.

3rd Red Basil Thai Kitchen

32-47 Steinway St, (718) 278-3333,

Survey says: “Delicious massaman curry.”

Best Vegetarian

1st Jujube Tree

35-02 30th Ave, (718) 545-1888,

Survey says: “Astoria’s only all-vegetarian restaurant has a nice variety of delicious food. The Kung Po Soy Protein has become my go-to favorite for both dining in and delivery!”

2nd Bareburger

33-21 31st Ave, (718) 777-7011; 23-01 31st St, (718) 204-7167,

Survey says: “Only vegan & gluten-free burger in Astoria.”

3rd The Queens Kickshaw

40-17 Broadway, (718) 777-0913,

Survey says: “Order anything and it will be delicious. Pour over coffee in the morning and craft beer or cider to wash it down in the evening. Live music. They have that too.”

EAT Write-in

Best Healthy Restaurant: Create

36-03 30th Ave, (718) 204-0333,; 29-21 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 777-0504,

Survey says: “Their quinoa bowls are delicious and filling.”

Best Australian Restaurant: The Thirsty Koala

35-12 Ditmars Blvd, (718) 626-5430,

Survey says: “I like this place, in large part because it defies whatever categories you could come up with. Consistently great food, both with expected Australian fare and so much more.”

Survey results from December 2016. Click here for the results from January 2016, July 2015, January 2015.