What Are You Afraid Of? A review

We went to the show “What Are You Afraid Of?” hosted by Mara Wilson at Q.E.D. tonight, and it was thoroughly entertaining. Mara opened the show with some of the things she’s afraid of, then we heard from three comedians about their fears. In between sets Mara taught the audience the proper way to breathe deeply, and we played Two Fears and a Lie.

Lyssa Mandel was the first performer, and her main fear was that she did not matter, or she would be forgotten about. But there was a happy ending; after she took mushrooms, she realized that she is meant to be here.

Jo Firestone was next, and she is so freaking good. So good! If you haven’t seen her perform, definitely check her out. She hosts Punderdome in Brooklyn, and she’s all over the city. ANYWAY, she’s a very funny person, so the story she told had funny parts, but it was a scary and not funny at all situation she was in. Luckily the story ended well.

Will Miles was the last comedian, and his fear of not having end dates on jobs, or stop signs on the road, was interesting. And that story ended in a good place also because he’s now in a relationship, and that does not have an end date, and he’s pretty OK with that.

This was a short show, just over an hour, but it was enjoyable, and we recommend checking it out. It’s the last Thursday of the month at Q.E.D. ().