Ha’s Chinese Has Opened


Ha’s Chinese opened last week in the same location as The Queens Kickshaw, and is run by the same people. We really liked The Queens Kickshaw, and guess what, we really liked Ha’s—a vegetarian Chinese restaurant that serves unique dishes.

The front of the restaurant has been moved in about three feet, so don’t expect any live music. The owners wanted a different vibe than the cafe/bar experience from before, and there are a number of changes. In the back area, where there were stools and high tables before, now there are more comfortable booths. And the long communal table on the other side has been replaced by smaller tables. The decor has also changed, and there is a nice row of hanging plants interspersed with the light fixtures.

We didn’t order any drinks, but there is a long list of beer, wine, cider and cocktails. Some are available by the glass, and there is also the option for bottles.

We did, however, get lots of food. Our waitress was very friendly and helpful, and had excellent recommendations. The dishes arrived at our table staggered, as opposed to everything coming at once, so when we finished one, the next one was on its way over. This was a nice way to enjoy the meal.

The first item was the Mung Bean Noodles ($5). This had a nice flavor, and a consistency similar to hard jello. It was unlike anything we ever had before. The Steamed Milk Buns with red fermented tofu butter ($7) came next, and was excellent. Our waitress told us this was the equivalent of bread and butter, but it was a lot more fun, and very tasty. Then we had the Cauliflower ($10), which was phenomenal, and bursting with flavor. Three main dishes came at the end: Flat Noodle ($13), Rice Cake ($13), and ‘Duck’ Fried Rice ($13). We really liked all three, especially the ‘Duck’ Fried Rice, which had a sweet taste, and we enjoyed the imitation duck. We liked the texture of the Flat Noodle, and the sauce, and if you like spicy, you’ll probably enjoy the Rice Cake dish, which includes chilies. The menu gives one plus sign for Spicy, and three plus signs for Extra Spicy, and we thought this dish with the one plus sign could have been two or even three (although we did not try any dishes with three plus signs, so we don’t know how it compares to those). For dessert, we tried the Peanut Mousse ($7), but we were thrown off that it was frozen mousse, and weren’t ready for the spicy peppers in the chocolate pieces.

There are some things we would get again in a heartbeat (like the Cauliflower, the Steamed Milk Buns and the ‘Duck’ Fried Rice) and there are a number of other items that we’re looking forward to trying. Right now Ha’s Chinese is open for dinner, with dim sum, lunch and delivery service coming soon.

40-17 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11103
(718) 777-0913