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BOAST: Best of Astoria 2018 Winners Announced

The BOAST: Best of Astoria 2018 results have been published to the BOAST website, and you can see all the winners on the EAT, DRINK and DO & SEE pages. You can also view the winners by location on the LOCATION page with an interactive map broken into categories, with subway stop in parentheses. We have added… Read more »

BOAST Winners 2017: By the Numbers

Total Categories: 43 (19 in EAT, 11 in DRINK, 13 in DO & SEE) Total Write-in Winners: 13 (5 in EAT, 4 in DRINK, 4 in DO & SEE) Total Winners: 142 (64 in EAT, 38 in DRINK, 40 in DO & SEE) Total Unique Winners: 113 Winners in Multiple Categories: 21 5 – Sek’end Sun (1st… Read more »

BOAST: Best of Astoria 2017 Winners

EAT Best American 1. Sanfords Restaurant 2. Queens Comfort 3. Sugar Freak Best Bakery 1. Martha’s Country Bakery 2. Parisi Bakery 3. Leli’s Bakery & Pastry Shop Best Brazilian 1. Pao De Queijo 2. Point Brazil 3. Copacabana Best Brunch 1. Queens Comfort 2. Vesta Trattoria & Wine Bar 3. Mom’s Kitchen & Bar Best… Read more »

BOAST Winners (Dec. 2016) by the Numbers

Number of categories in each section: EAT: 17 DRINK: 11 DO & SEE: 11 Number of winners by location: Astoria-Ditmars Blvd (N/W): 30 30th Ave (N/W): 18 Steinway St (M/R): 15 Broadway (N/W): 13 31st Ave: 7 Astoria Blvd (N/W): 6 Long Island City: 5 36th Ave (N/W): 4 Winners with multiple locations in Astoria:… Read more »

BOAST results (Dec. 2016) have been published!

As the Q train (to start going up 2nd Avenue on Jan. 1!) has been replaced by the W train in Astoria, so too have the results on this site. There are also new photos in the slideshows at the tops of the pages, and new Featured BOAST Locations as well. There were a number of close… Read more »

List of BOAST winners (Dec. 2016)

List of BOAST: Best of Astoria winners (December 2016) EAT Best American: 1. Sanfords 2. The Queens Kickshaw 3. William Hallet Best Bakery 1. Martha’s Country Bakery 2. Rose & Joe’s Italian Bakery 3. Leli’s Bakery Best Brunch 1. Sanfords 2. Grand Cafe 3. (tie) Gastroteca Astoria 3. (tie) William Hallet Best Budget 1. King… Read more »

Some stats from the winter 2015-16 results

New BOAST winners were published the other day, and this time there were 100 different winners! This is by far the most we’ve had for BOAST results. Congratulations to all. Places with the most wins in multiple categories include Mar’s (4), The Strand Smokehouse (4), Sek’end Sun (3), Sweet Afton (3), The Queens Kickshaw (3),… Read more »