Best Organizations or Causes to Contribute To in Astoria and LIC


Before the end of the year, and before we post all of this year’s winners, we wanted to share the results from the BOAST: Best of Astoria & LIC 2021 Survey for Best Organizations or Causes to Contribute To. Thank you to everyone who filled out this survey question. These are in alphabetical order.

First for Astoria:
Astoria Food Pantry (Website, Instagram)
Astoria Music Collective (Instagram, Facebook)
Astoria Mutual Aid (Website, Instagram, Facebook)
Astoria Pug Composting (Instagram, Twitter)
Hour Children (Website, Twitter, Facebook)
LiveOne.TV Studio (Website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook)
Paul the Cat Guy (Website, Instagram, Facebook)
Queens Together (Website, Instagram, Facebook)
Tikkun BBQ (Instagram)

And for LIC:
ACE Programs for the Homeless (Website, Instagram)
The Connected Chef (Website, Instagram, Facebook)
Variety Boys & Girls Club of Queens (Website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)