Write-ups that didn’t make the site

The new results were just published, and we used lots of write-ups from the survey. However, there were some that did not make it, and here are a few of our favorites:

“What’s more American than burnt ends, bourbon, and beer. So great that I had my wedding reception here!” (Butcher Bar | Best American Restaurant)

“Come for the egg sandwich. Stay for the waffle fries!” (Tastee Corner | Best Diner)

“After years of living in an area with many Greek restaurants, I recently went here for the first time and loved it. I can’t wait to go back!” (Stamatis | Best Greek Restaurant)

“Others may be better, but for quality, everyday Greek food, this is a great restaurant.” (Zorbas | Best Greek Restaurant)

“Another great place to get cheap, heavy-handed, delicious Italian food. Just like my grandmother used to make!” (Napoli | Best Italian Restaurant)

“It’s half-off sushi, but they don’t skimp on the ambiance, taste, or service.” (Aji Sushi House | Best Japanese Restaurant)

“Hidden in the back of a bakery is the best pizza in Astoria!” (Rose and Joe’s Italian Bakery | Best Pizza)

“Does vegetarian and vegan so effortlessly and without having to worry about that one friend who complains about the lack of bacon.” (BareBurger | Best Vegetarian Restaurant)

“Not sure if it counts as being in the area, but this place has some of the best cocktails in the city.” (Dutch Kills | Best Bar-Cocktails)

“I don’t watch sports, but it looks nice from the outside.” (Twist & Smash’d | Best Bar-Sports)

“Love the meat, cheese and wine special!” (Vesta Trattoria & Wine Bar | Best Happy Hour)

“When will Astoria get a Whole Foods….” (Key Food | Best Supermarket)

“They double my coupons. I walk a mile just to save money.” (Stop & Shop | Best Supermarket)