Reading Series: The Worst Mother in the World

Mission to (dit)Mars, a Queens theatre group, kicked off this year’s Launch Pad reading series with The Worst Mother in the World, a new play by Kari Bentley-Quinn. There are three characters in the play: Nina, a new mother with severe anxiety and postpartum depression; Bonnie, Nina’s therapist; and Mary, Bonnie’s daughter. The play explores the relationships between therapist and patient, mother and daughter, and two strangers who become friends. Especially interesting is the mother-daughter dynamic between Bonnie and Mary, who have a complicated and difficult relationship.

I could certainly see the scenes unfolding in my head, and hope that it will be able to be performed on stage soon. Good luck to Bentley-Quinn.

From the Mission to (dit)Mars website:

About the Launch Pad Reading Series
The Launch Pad is a free reading series of new plays by Queens playwrights. The mission objective of The Launch Pad is to serve as a testing ground for Queens based playwrights who need to hear their plays out loud. Because Mission to (dit)Mars was co-founded by playwrights and directors, we understand implicitly how to answer those needs. Through this program, the utmost care is taken to foster a safe and productive environment in order to propel the play forward.

The Broom Tree Theater is located at
Astoria First Presbyterian
23-35 Broadway,
Astoria, NY 11106