Our 5 Favorite Hot Beverages (non-alcoholic)

Yes, the weather is getting warmer, but you can enjoy hot beverages in any temperature. Here, we discuss our non-alcoholic favorites.

Il Bambino  Not only do they have great soup, but they have delicious hot chocolate. Try it plain or peanut butter flavored if you’re feeling indulgent.

Queens Kickshaw  Still the best pour-over coffee in Astoria. A great place to spend an hour or two savoring that delicious cup.

Martha’s  No surprise here. Martha’s is known for its hot chocolate, and you should get a slice of one of their delicious cakes to wash down with it.

Astoria Coffee  Their coffee is spot on, but don’t snooze on their excellent chai or matcha lattes with nut milk.

Kinship  Not only do they make a great latte, they also have Dough donuts to go with it. Or buy one of their bags of beans to take home – they supply from multiple roasters.