“Monday Without Mirrors” at Blink Fitness

From Blink Fitness:

What if you walked into the gym today and the mirrors were covered up? Would you be upset? Excited? Would you focus more on how your workout made you feel versus how it made you look in the mirror? Today, Blink Fitness is doing just that in all of its Queens locations! As you may have heard, the premium-quality, value-based gym last week launched “Monday Without Mirrors” – a month-long program in which key mirrors in clubs will be covered to challenge members to think about how exercise makes them feel, not just how it makes them look.

The “Monday Without Mirrors” initiative is part of Blink’s ongoing support for their “Every Body Happy” campaign, which launched earlier this year. The campaign featured people of all shapes and sizes exuding confidence and happiness from exercise. As swimsuit season comes into full swing, this message is more important than ever to help people think about fitness differently, and kick off summer with a healthy mindset! Not all mirrors are covered, so members still have a choice to workout with or without a mirror.

“Monday Without Mirrors” will be taking place at various Blink Fitness locations every Monday, and continuing to raise awareness this week in all Long Island and Queens locations.
Monday, June 6th: All Manhattan locations (including Harlem)
Monday, June 13th: Long Island/Queens locations
Monday, June 20th: New Jersey locations
Monday, June 27th: Westchester/Bronx/Brooklyn locations

You can read the full press release here.

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