BOAST Updates, Additions, and Improvements

There is some exciting news with BOAST that we wanted to share with you.

First, this post you are reading is part of our new blog! We will be updating it frequently, so come back and check it out often. Also, if you, or someone you know wants to contribute articles, please let us know by emailing [email protected] or filling out the Contact Form on the website.

Second, we added a new page on the site called LOCATION, which organizes the winners by location. There’s a nifty map which includes all the winners at the top, along with sections divided by geographic region below. We hope you’ll find this section helpful for when you’re around a certain area of Astoria and are looking for places to eat or drink, or things to do and see.

Finally, we now have multiple Featured BOAST Locations throughout the site. There is one on the EAT page, one on the DRINK page, and another on the DO & SEE page.

That’s all the new news, but did you know that we have a new poll on the homepage every Monday? You can take the poll, and then check back throughout the week to see the results. This week’s poll is about cold desserts.

We are also on social media, so you can Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Next month we’re going to release the second BOAST survey, which will award the Best of Astoria in warm weather, so keep an eye out for that. If you know people who want to get on the mailing list, they can sign up directly on the homepage.