BOAST results (Dec. 2016) have been published!

As the Q train (to start going up 2nd Avenue on Jan. 1!) has been replaced by the W train in Astoria, so too have the results on this site. There are also new photos in the slideshows at the tops of the pages, and new Featured BOAST Locations as well.

There were a number of close calls and ties from this survey, so we had to do first-hand research to determine who should make it onto the site. We would like to thank those who came along with us as we did this research, and we want to thank everyone who filled out the survey. (Congratulations to those who won a prize.)

Please check out the EAT, DRINK, DO & SEE, and LOCATION pages to get detailed information about all the businesses and locations, but if you would like a list of the winners in one place, see this post.

Finally, we like hearing from you. Agree or disagree about the results? Have comments about the site or social media channels? Want to contribute writing or photography? Email