BOAST: Best of Astoria & LIC 2023 Winners Posted!

The BOAST: Best of Astoria & LIC 2023 Winners have been posted! They are now up on the EAT, DRINK, DO & SEE, and LOCATION pages. Congratulations to all the winners! Because there were much fewer responses for LIC on this year’s survey, those winners are listed alphabetically, while Astoria’s winners are ranked first to third. Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey, and for doing write-ups on the survey. You may see your writing on the site! Also, be sure to check out the new photos on top of the EAT, DRINK, and DO & SEE pages.

On the LOCATION page, if you click on a winner on the map, the description says the section (EAT, DRINK, or DO & SEE) and category it is a winner for. And on the HAPPENING page, you can see what’s going on in the neighborhoods. Let us know if you’d like to post events yourself!

On the homepage of the site, you can see recent posts of the full list of all the winners, as well as winners by the numbers (spoiler alert: The EAT section had the most categories, 30th Ave had the most winners of any area, and Maggie Hall’s, Heart of Gold, Burger Village, and Compton’s were winners in the most categories, so extra high fives to those places).

Winner stickers

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Advertising with BOAST

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