Best Places to Drink Outdoors This Summer

The Strand Smokehouse – For those days when you’d like to spend the afternoon, evening and night in one place eating and drinking, The Strand is your best bet. They have an excellent brunch and delicious BBQ, as well as reasonable prices on beer pitchers and cocktails. Claim a picnic table out front or in a corner inside and enjoy live music with Astorians of all ages around you.

The Bonnie – If want an outdoor experience that’s a little more sophisticated, this is your place. Order an expertly-crafted cocktail and a farm-fresh dish and enjoy it in leisurely fashion in their spacious backyard.

Judy & Punch – For those nights you are craving local craft beers that pack a punch, this is your place. Stake out a picnic table in their backyard (open till 10, after which you’ll have to migrate inside) and see how many of their 12 drafts you can get through while holding on to your beer guru skills. For an additional challenge, head to Astoria Bier & Cheese on Broadway and do the same in their backyard.

Sek’end Sun – Amazing (and affordable) cocktails and a glowing neon sign of Queens as your drinking backdrop. What more could you need on your Saturday night? Schlepping to Brooklyn for your hipster experience is no longer necessary.