A very fun BOAST Summer Party 2016

We had our summer party at The Bonnie on Sunday, and it was a ton of fun. We were outside on the patio, and totally lucked out with the weather, which was just about perfect. We had some appetizers, such as Beer-Battered Pickles, Avocado Deviled Eggs, Chicken Wings, and French Fries, and some people ordered other food as well. (Highly recommended were the Pork Sliders and the Mac & Cheese.) Our group had all sorts of beverages, including beer, wine, cocktails, and sangria, which was especially delicious. We appreciated the atmosphere and ambiance of the bar (it wasn’t a BOAST winner for nothing), so if you haven’t been, we recommend you check it out. Below are some photos from the event.

What Are You Afraid Of? A review

We went to the show “What Are You Afraid Of?” hosted by Mara Wilson at Q.E.D. tonight, and it was thoroughly entertaining. Mara opened the show with some of the things she’s afraid of, then we heard from three comedians about their fears. In between sets Mara taught the audience the proper way to breathe deeply, and we played Two Fears and a Lie.

Lyssa Mandel was the first performer, and her main fear was that she did not matter, or she would be forgotten about. But there was a happy ending; after she took mushrooms, she realized that she is meant to be here.

Jo Firestone was next, and she is so freaking good. So good! If you haven’t seen her perform, definitely check her out. She hosts Punderdome in Brooklyn, and she’s all over the city. ANYWAY, she’s a very funny person, so the story she told had funny parts, but it was a scary and not funny at all situation she was in. Luckily the story ended well.

Will Miles was the last comedian, and his fear of not having end dates on jobs, or stop signs on the road, was interesting. And that story ended in a good place also because he’s now in a relationship, and that does not have an end date, and he’s pretty OK with that.

This was a short show, just over an hour, but it was enjoyable, and we recommend checking it out. It’s the last Thursday of the month at Q.E.D. ().

BOAST Summer Party 2016!

Mark your calendars… BOAST is throwing a summer party!

It’s set for Sunday, August 28 at 5pm, at The Bonnie, on the back patio. If it’s raining, we’ll head inside.

There will be some delicious snacks (beer-battered pickles, avocado deviled eggs, and chicken wings), but those are limited so be sure to arrive early!

You’ll be able to order off the Happy Hour menu, and that includes specialty cocktails for $7, house wine for $6, and select drafts for $5. And if you get hungry for something more substantial, The Bonnie has a dinner menu as well, and you can check that out here.

It will be $10 in advance or $12 at the door. RSVP and buy your tickets with this link so we can know how many people to expect. You can also RSVP on the Facebook event page here.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Stay cool,
The BOAST Team


Best Places to Drink Outdoors This Summer

The Strand Smokehouse – For those days when you’d like to spend the afternoon, evening and night in one place eating and drinking, The Strand is your best bet. They have an excellent brunch and delicious BBQ, as well as reasonable prices on beer pitchers and cocktails. Claim a picnic table out front or in a corner inside and enjoy live music with Astorians of all ages around you.

The Bonnie – If want an outdoor experience that’s a little more sophisticated, this is your place. Order an expertly-crafted cocktail and a farm-fresh dish and enjoy it in leisurely fashion in their spacious backyard.

Judy & Punch – For those nights you are craving local craft beers that pack a punch, this is your place. Stake out a picnic table in their backyard (open till 10, after which you’ll have to migrate inside) and see how many of their 12 drafts you can get through while holding on to your beer guru skills. For an additional challenge, head to Astoria Bier & Cheese on Broadway and do the same in their backyard.

Sek’end Sun – Amazing (and affordable) cocktails and a glowing neon sign of Queens as your drinking backdrop. What more could you need on your Saturday night? Schlepping to Brooklyn for your hipster experience is no longer necessary.

“Monday Without Mirrors” at Blink Fitness

From Blink Fitness:

What if you walked into the gym today and the mirrors were covered up? Would you be upset? Excited? Would you focus more on how your workout made you feel versus how it made you look in the mirror? Today, Blink Fitness is doing just that in all of its Queens locations! As you may have heard, the premium-quality, value-based gym last week launched “Monday Without Mirrors” – a month-long program in which key mirrors in clubs will be covered to challenge members to think about how exercise makes them feel, not just how it makes them look.

The “Monday Without Mirrors” initiative is part of Blink’s ongoing support for their “Every Body Happy” campaign, which launched earlier this year. The campaign featured people of all shapes and sizes exuding confidence and happiness from exercise. As swimsuit season comes into full swing, this message is more important than ever to help people think about fitness differently, and kick off summer with a healthy mindset! Not all mirrors are covered, so members still have a choice to workout with or without a mirror.

“Monday Without Mirrors” will be taking place at various Blink Fitness locations every Monday, and continuing to raise awareness this week in all Long Island and Queens locations.
Monday, June 6th: All Manhattan locations (including Harlem)
Monday, June 13th: Long Island/Queens locations
Monday, June 20th: New Jersey locations
Monday, June 27th: Westchester/Bronx/Brooklyn locations

You can read the full press release here.

BlinkMoodMirrors-1846-w BlinkMoodMirrors-1815-w

Ticket giveaway

First person to fill out the contact form on our website, or write to us at hello@boast.nyc, will get two tickets to the show What Are You Afraid Of? hosted by Mara Wilson at Q.E.D. on Thursday, May 26, at 7:30pm. More info about the event on our Happening page.