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These are the winners for the best museums, boutiques, gyms, music venues, parks, and more. Get going!

Best Club

1st Bungalo Lounge Bar

32-03 Broadway, (718) 204-7010,

One of the original bar & lounges in Astoria, with a tradition of great service and providing a welcoming retreat for the locals. A combination of lounge atmosphere and a taste of Manhattan nightlife.

2nd Icon Astoria

31-84 33rd St, (917) 832-6364,

Gay hangout with a festive atmosphere featuring DJs, go-go dancers & regular drag shows.

Best Date Spot

1st Sek’end Sun

32-11 Broadway, (917) 832-6414,

On a recent Thursday night, we saw about six dates going on. The atmosphere is laid-back, servers are friendly, and there’s that great Queens sign to post to Instagram if the conversation stalls.

2nd The Ditty

35-03 Ditmars Blvd, (347) 617-1747,

Lots of fun board games so it can be an interactive date.

3rd Museum of the Moving Image

36-01 35th Ave, (718) 777-6888,

Definitely a good place to take someone who has never seen this museum.

Best Gift Shop

1st Lockwood

32-15 33rd St, (718) 626-6030,

Survey says: “They have everything you could ever need and more.”

2nd The Brass Owl

36-19 Ditmars Blvd, (347) 848-0905,

This homey boutique offers a selection of shoes, accessories, and gifts.

3rd Astoria Bookshop

31-29 31st St, (718) 278-2665,

In addition to books, there are lots of events that happen here.

Best Gym

1st New York Sports Clubs

38-11 30th Ave, (718) 932-1400,

Google says: “Great equipment and facilities, staff is very friendly and professional!”

2nd Blink Fitness

32-27 Steinway St, (718) 880-3620,

One of the best gym deals in the city, this particular Blink is big, bright, airy and has all the machines one could ask for. For those self-motivated folks, it doesn’t get better than this. There are tons of treadmills and elliptical machines, and a large weight area upstairs. They also have affordable personal training packages.

3rd Club Fitness New York

31-11 Broadway, (718) 545-0004,

Google says: “New equipment, a lot of space, and nice atmosphere.”

3rd Planet Fitness

30-33 Steinway St, (718) 777-0700,

Survey says: “Hydro massage and Free Pizza!”

Best Haircut

1st Gigi Salon & Styling Studio

34-17 30th Ave, (718) 777-7755,

Google says: “Expect great service and friendly staff when walking into this salon.”

1st Modern Barber Shop

30-14 Broadway, (718) 728-9227,

Always fun to chat with the barbers here, and a nice touch that they use a straigh-edge for the sideburns and back of the neck.

Best Live Music Venue

1st The Shillelagh Tavern

47-22 30th Ave, (718) 728-9028,

Google says: “A great little neighborhood joint w/great service and music.”

2nd The Astor Room

34-12 36th St, (718) 255-1947,

Drop in Tuesdays through Sundays from 5–7pm for a signature cocktail or craft beer and enjoy live jazz from an eclectic roster of local musicians.

3rd Oliver’s Astoria

37-19 Broadway, (718) 806-1476,

This bar has a nice space for live music.

3rd The Letlove Inn

27-20 23rd Ave, (718) 777-5683,

Survey says: “Jazz night mondays with adam platt trio is a MUST.”

Best Movie Theater

1st UA Kaufman Astoria Stadium 14

35-30 38th St, (718) 786-1722,

If you sign up for a crown club card (for free) you can earn points towards free popcorn, soda and movies! If you have the card, you can get $1 popcorn on Tuesdays.

2nd Museum of the Moving Image

36-01 35th Ave, (718) 777-6888,

Each year the museum screens more than 400 films in a stimulating mix of the classic and the contemporary. With live music for silent films, restored prints from the world’s leading archives, and outstanding new films from the international festival circuit, museum programs are recognized for their quality as well as their scope.

Best Museum

1st Museum of the Moving Image

36-01 35th Ave, (718) 777-6888,

This museum immerses visitors in the creative process of making moving images. It features over 1,400 artifacts—from nineteenth-century optical toys to video games—as well as an array of interactive experiences, audiovisual material, and artworks.

Survey says: “A fun place to spend the afternoon learning about modern media.”

2nd Greater Astoria Historical Society

35-20 Broadway, 4th Floor, (718) 278-0700,

From its website: The Society hosts field trips, walking tours, slide presentations, and guest lectures to schools and the public.

3rd MoMA PS1

22-25 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, (718) 784-2084,
This museum is in LIC, but worth listing. It devotes its energy and resources to displaying the most experimental art in the world and throws awesome outdoor parties on Saturdays in the summer. Also, if you have an ID with zip code 11101–11109 you get free admission.

Best Park

1st Astoria Park

19th St and 23rd Dr, (718) 626-8620,

Survey says: “Whether it’s Fourth of July fireworks, running, a picnic, or whatever else, I’m so grateful we have this park in our neighborhood.”

2nd Socrates Sculpture Park

32-01 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, (718) 956-1819,

A small gem of a park. Especially great in the summertime when they have a weekly farmers market, free yoga and tai chi, and movie screenings during the week. The unique sculpture art adds a special touch. Also great for dogs!

3rd Gantry Plaza State Park

4-09 47th Rd, Long Island City, (718) 786-8568,

Survey says: “Might not count but it’s my favorite in the city.”
Editors’ note: “Although in LIC, we like this park a lot also, so we’ll allow it.”

Best Performing Arts Venue

1st Q.E.D.

27-16 23rd Ave, (347) 451-3873,

Q.E.D. settled into the Ditmars area and is bringing in comedians, trivia shows and great classes for adults to learn and laugh.

2nd Astoria Performing Arts Center

30-44 Crescent St, (718) 706-5750,

Astoria Performing Arts Center’s mission is to bring high quality theater to Astoria and to support local youth and senior citizens. Ever wanted to help build or paint a set? The group is always looking for volunteers.

Best Stand-Up Comedy Venue

1st Q.E.D.

27-16 23rd Ave, (347) 451-3873,

Survey says: “Great community.”

2nd The Creek and The Cave

10-93 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, (718) 706-8783,

Affordable (read: low cost or FREE) comedy shows all week and weekend, with opportunities for improv as well. Big names come through here and it’s also a great way to check out the local talent.

Best Supermarket

1st Trade Fair

30-08 30th Ave, (718) 728-9484,

Google says: “Multiethnic market with exotic produce, imported international foods & a full-service butcher.”

2nd Greenbay Marketplace

32-06 Broadway, (718) 204-6400

This supermarket has a focus on fresh produce, and you can find a number of craft beers as well.

3rd Key Food

22-15 31st St, (718) 721-4680; 32-15 Newtown Ave, (718) 728-9403; 30-13 36th Ave, (718) 482-7600,

Key Food really has all you need in a supermarket. It is clean, well laid out, and it is right next to the subway station (36th Ave, 30th Ave, and Astoria-Ditmars Blvd).

Best Place to Use Wi-Fi

1st Gossip Coffee

37-04 30th Ave, (718) 440-8792,

Nice, comfortable space. Relax with a coffee or tea while you surf the web on your device of choice.

2nd Queen’s Room

36-02 Ditmars Blvd, (347) 987-3994,

It’s not hard to see why there were six people on their laptops in the middle of the afternoon on a Monday. The wi-fi is fast, and the space is inviting. It’s a great place for checking email or updating your Twitter feed. Do you know they have really really good coffee too?

3rd New York City Bagel & Coffee House

29-08 23rd Ave, (718) 728-9500; 40-05 Broadway, (718) 728-9511,

Plenty of seating to choose from along with great coffee and bagels? We’d call that a win.

DO & SEE Write-in

Best Place for Karaoke: Karaoke Shout

32-46 Steinway St, (718) 569-0080,

Huge variety of songs to choose from. You can sing in front of everyone, or reserve a private room.

Best Place To Do Homework: Coffeed

37-18 Northern Blvd, (347) 706-4696,

A great place to hit the books. Just a heads-up that it closes at 3pm on weekdays and 4pm on weekends.

Best Out of Astoria Activity: Mets game at Citi Field

123-01 Roosevelt Ave, (718) 507-8499,

Survey says: “Not in Astoria but going to Citi Field is a good time if you enjoy a Mets game!”

Survey results from December 2017. Click here for the results from December 2016, January 2016, July 2015, January 2015.